What We Do

Solid Rock Community Development Corporation aims to bring an end to decades of concentrated poverty on SE Colorado Springs through strategic and cooperative community transformation investments.

We plan to achieve this by initiating a new era in our community development efforts through a strategy of investments that focus on:

  • Building a self-sustaining SE economy that is connected to the larger regional economy.
  • Creating job opportunities to bring individuals and families out of poverty.
  • Supporting policies and systems that help businesses and communities thrive.
  • Invest in businesses, housing and other community infrastructure to promote economic, health and safety for individuals and communities

We believe that only by increasing well-paid employment and affordable housing will we strongly reduce poverty.This will require not only the work of nonprofits such as Solid Rock Community Development Corporation, but also creative solutions and partnerships through private investments and local, state and federal governments.

These opportunities are available in Colorado Springs and we must work together to provide jobs, affordable housing and improve the community environment in SE Colorado Springs.

Our Investments

Business Development

Solid Rock CDC community economic development efforts are targeted to assure that the development of businesses and jobs for SE Colorado Springs align with the economic growth, development and jobs of Colorado Springs. We believe that it is essential that the economy of the SE move from one of high levels of government support to sustainability from increase jobs and improved community infrastructure.

Most individuals in the Southeast who are entrepreneurial and want to start small businesses may not have a healthy credit rating, or may lack business experience, or do not have a business plan. These limitations likely result in a funding organization not approving loans for these individuals. Solid Rock CDC can provide business plan support, fiscal management and researching capabilities, entrepreneurial training and follow-up, thus increasing the likelihood for business success for the Southeast residents who receive our services.

Infrastructure Development

Solid Rock CDC is committed to providing attractive living and working environments to improve the quality of life for SE residents. Safe and pleasing business areas will attract business owners and patrons, resulting in business growth. In a related matter, Solid Rock CDC supports the efforts of nonprofits and government agencies to improve transportation between SE Colorado Springs and the rest of the city.

Affordable Housing

A lack of affordable housing is a significant obstacle to citizens of SE Colorado Springs who are in the process of economic development. Because factors such as race, ethnicity, and social status put many SE residents at a disadvantage when seeking housing, Solid Rock CDC is committed to take the initiative in establishing relationships with landlords, developers, community organizations, and government agencies to address the need for affordable housing in SE Colorado Springs We will be active advocates for people seeking housing, assist them in the search process, and provide ongoing help and support.

Our efforts at small-business development will improve the economic status of those we will serve, and infrastructure development will help create an environment favorable to economic development. Nevertheless, successful progress in these areas will not automatically solve the housing needs of SE Colorado Springs because economics is only one factor in the housing crisis. Race, ethnicity, social status, and other factors put many people at a disadvantage when seeking housing. Therefore, we will take the initiative in establishing relationships with landlords, developers, community organizations, and government agencies to address the need for affordable housing in SE Colorado Springs. We will be active advocates for people seeking housing, assist them in the search process, and provide ongoing help and support. Solid Rock CDC does not intend to become a landlord. Instead, the CDC will be an agent of help and support for individuals and families who need affordable housing so that they can become thriving members of SE Colorado Springs.

Our Team

Ben Anderson
Executive Director

Pastor Benjamin Anderson has been working in Southeast Colorado Springs community for 15 years. He has collaborated with many different non-profits and faith-based organizations to impact Southeast Colorado Springs. Pastor Ben retired from the Army with a distinguished career and a very successful profession in the business arena. He is a former prison chaplain, started Colorado Springs Music and Arts Center and now Solid Rock Community Development Corporation. Pastor Ben is also Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Christian Center.

Wanda Anderson

Wanda Anderson is an attorney and the Director of Corporate Affairs & Risk Management for The Navigators.She also serves as the Associate Pastor at Solid Rock Christian Center.

Shelby Murphy

Shelby Murphy is the Financial Administrator for ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.She is also involved at First Presbyterian Church and helps lead a Missional Community that partners with Solid Rock Christian Center.

Board Members

Jesse Butler
Board Member

Jesse Butlerworks for Arrowhead Spa and Pool and subcontracts for Big Air Jumpers. Jesse is a student at Pikes Peak Community College and has earned his spot on the Deans List for Associates of Applied Science in Business Management. Jesse is a resident of Southeast Colorado Springs.

John Conaway
Board Member

John Conaway is a retired Editor of various Christian organizations in Colorado Springs.He served at First Presbyterian Church as elder, deacon, and teacher.John is committed to the mission of Solid Rock Community Center and the Solid Rock Community Development Corporation as partners of First Presbyterian Church.He has been a resident of Colorado Springs since 1995.

Demitta Clausell-Reese
Board Member

Demitta Clausell-Reese is the Cultural Development Training Coordinator and Facilitator in the Staff Development and Care Department for the The Navigators. She is also an assistant pastor at Solid Rock Christian Center. Demitta is also a resident of Southeast Colorado Springs.

Marie Whitehead
Board Member

Marie Whitehead hails from Los Angeles, CA and is a retired 20 year Air Force veteran.She is a resident of Southeast Colorado Springs.

Chelsea Gaylord
Board Member

As the Economic Development Project Manager for the City of Colorado Springs, Chelsea’s role is to promote investment, job creation, entrepreneurship, and business expansion in Colorado Springs. Prior to joining the City’s Economic Development Division in 2017, Chelsea worked with various-stage startup companies and utilized skills in community development, health promotion, and entrepreneurship to assist companies and communities in realizing their potential across the U.S. and East Africa.


Gina Martinez Peterson

Gina Martinez Peterson
Project Manager

Gina Martinez Peterson has worked in the non-profit sector for over 30
years. As the first Health Equity Director for YMCA of the USA, Gina helped communities focus on social determinants of health that affected health outcomes. This work was the perfect training ground for the work in Southeast Colorado Springs. Gina has served diverse communities across the country and has seen economic development, affordable housing, and education vastly improve lives and increase life expectancy.

Join Our Team

The Solid Rock Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit community development corporation focused on improving the quality-of-life for all in Southeast Colorado Springs. Our mission is to build a diverse Southeast Colorado Springs economy that emphasizes the importance of affordable housing, small business development, and healthy community environments.

Our role in the neighborhood is to lead economic development and community engagement efforts while advancing health and wellness, arts and culture, beautification, and education and business strategies in partnership with other organizations, businesses, and neighborhood groups.

Open Positions

Full Time

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Part Time

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To Apply for Open Positions

Submit your resume and cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications for the position to Solid Rock Community Development Corp. PO Box 15631, Colorado Springs, CO 80935 or srcdc@solidrockcdc.com.Only those whose applications are being considered will be contacted. SE Colorado Springs residents are preferred.