Fresh Start Investment Program

Fresh Start Investment Program is a business development, entrepreneurship, and personal development training program that supports the formerly incarcerated to become successful entrepreneurs and employees. We transform our Investors-In- Training (IIT’s) to own profitable and thriving businesses in SE Colorado Springs and to become better citizens in our community.

This program was initiated through the Transforming Safety Bill of Colorado. The Transforming Safety project invests in North Aurora and Southeast Colorado Springs to support community development through small business loan and grant programs. The project uses a new safety framework that focuses on preventing crime in the first place by:

  • Focusing on economic and community development in specific neighborhoods more impacted by crime and justice system involvement
  • Empowering local community members to identify priorities and solutions
  • Providing funding to the community
  • Using a private sector approach that braids both for-profit and non-profit strengths

The Fresh Start Investment Program will impact SE Colorado Springs by revitalizing the community through small business development and programs and services which promote personal growth. By offering small business training and mentoring, we provide a fresh start to individuals that will enable them to become business owners and revitalize community. We invest in leadership development which enables our IIT’s to take ownership and become managers of their lives and to make wise decisions.

Fresh Start Investment Program addresses the limited access to education, skills training, and economic opportunity for men, women, and youth with criminal histories by creating empathy and providing hope, hands-on mentoring, community support, and a clear path to economic security through employment or entrepreneurship.

We partner with Pikes Peak Small Business Consultants, Thrive Colorado Springs, WeighOut Ministries, Pikes Peak Work Force Center, Harrison School District 2, Rise Coalition to assist us in making this program successful. We will also partner with Faith-based Organizations and past offenders as volunteers in our program. Our Fresh Start Investment Program will promote personal and economic opportunities for past offenders of Colorado Dept. of Corrections.

For more information about this program, call 719-393-7625.